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Python Care - our cost effective beverage line cleaner

Chlorine-free, protects the beverage lines and lengthens their lifespan, tasteless.

What makes Python Care so special — it is absolutely chlorine-free. The beverage lines will not be affected as with other cleaners. Their lifespan increases by this essentially. Python Care has been especially developed for removing microbiological biofilm and beerstone Python Care will be supplied as a concentrate. Python Care is biodegradable and therefore very environmentally friendly..

Nothing else than Python Care is needed to remove bacteria from your beer lines. Depending on level of dirt it can be individually dosed. This saves time and reduces your costs immensely. An additional advantage of Python Care: Temperatures up to 40 °C and effect of light during storage do not impair the cleaning power..

The cleaning pump can easily be operated by our mobile oil-free compressor station type UA-025 Very convenient/handy for the service technician.