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Drying of endoscopes with oil-free compressed air

Soundproofed compressor unit SICOLAB mini Endo

The Robert Koch Institute and the German medical association hold the opinion that the drying of endoscopes after their manual preparation is of key importance. In order to avoid recontamination during gastrointestinal endoscopy, blow-drying the fibre or video endoscope with oil-free compressed air after the cleaning, desinfection and rinsing is recommended. Our SICOLAB mini Endo is a suitable highly efficient solution for this procedure.

Practical advice - manual reprocessing of flexible endoscopes

Practical advice - manual reprocessing of flexible endoscopes



Your benefits:

  1. extremely low noise level
  2. very easy handling
  3. oil-free compressor system in soundproofed box – plug and play
  4. adjustment of the optimal operating pressure by means of pressure reducers
  5. sterile filter for best air quality
  6. maintenance-free compressor
  7. easy cleaning of the surfaces of the soundproof box
  8. SICOLAB mini Endo can also be used for further applications with compressed air by utilizing various nozzles


Due to the extremely compact design it is even possible to install the unit in the surgery cabinet. A carrying handle is attached for mobile handling. SICOLAB mini Endo is fitted with a sterile filter, a spiral coiled hose and a compressed air pistol, as standard features. Just choose the nozzle needed for your application – and even the blowingout of polypectomy loops is possible without any difficulty.



Accessories kit for drying of endoscopes and other applications

Accessories kit for drying of endoscopes and other applications

from left to right

Record nozzle for syringes and cannulae with Record cone
Pipette nozzle for measuring and blood pipettes
Catheter nozzle for catheders, valves etc.
Drainage nozzle for drainage tubings
Luer-Loc nozzle for syringes and cannulae with Luer cone
Spray nozzle for rinsing out glassware etc.
Bottle rinsing nozzle for bottles and Erlenmeyer flasks
Water jet pump for suction cleaning

The accessories kit with 8 nozzles is delievered on a stable storage rack for mounting on the wall. All nozzles are kept within easy reach.

Each nozzle is also available separately.



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